Who is Jean-François CONTA ?

Jean-François CONTA portrait

Jean-François CONTA was born on January 14, 1961 in Caen in Normandy where he currently resides and works. At the age of 17, he engaged in painting and joined the « Poulinière » art studio in Saint Lô directed by the painter Michel Clos.

He exhibited in Paris at the age of 19, when he joined the École Supérieur des Arts Modernes et du Design Contemporain in Paris and worked at the same time at the Lorenzo studio where he sculpts and draws.

Several Parisian exhibitions will fuel his convictions, strengthen his learning and punctuate his insatiable bulimia of work.

In 1986, he decided to create his school « Atelier Conta » and, at the same time, to exhibit in his hometown; this same city which, in 1998, will support him during his retrospective exhibition, under the high patronage of Jean-Marie Girault, mayor of Caen, where the O.D.A.C.C acquired one of his paintings.

His work is recognized at an international exhibition of the prize at the Secretariat for Youth and Culture. He exhibits his work in many cities; several awards will highlight the importance of his work, which appears in various collections in France and abroad.

Oeuvre de JF CONTA

Here is the list of his exhibitions "favorites". There are many others ...

Exhibition in the gallery Art6 in Caen
International exhibitions
Decorative Arts Grand Prize
Salon price
Public Prize
Youth and Culture Secretariat Award
Exhibition at the Collegiate Church of the Sepulcher in Caen
1990 exhibition at the Hôtel d’Escoville in Caen (16th century mansion) under the patronage of Mr. Jean-Marie Girault, Mayor of Caen. During this exhibition, the display company Giraudy supports him with 90 panels of 4mx3m with one of his paintings in visual form. A first in France
Exhibition at the Château de Torigny sur vire

Exhibition at the Château de Commes, curator of the exhibition: Marie-Pascale O.
Members of the artists of Saint-Germain-des-Près in Paris
Exhibition in the Deutsche Bank gallery, Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris, under the chairmanship of Alain Bougrain-Dubourg, president of the LPO
Exhibition in the royal room of the Madeleine church in Paris, curator of the exhibition Mylène Vignon
Exhibition at the Maison Rouge in Paris, curator of the exhibition: Caroline S.
Exhibition in the gallery of the Intercontinental hotel in Doha, Qatar
Exhibition at the Comptoir des Arts gallery in Paris

He teaches drawing at the School of Fine Arts in higher education.
In 2007, he put its creation in brackets.
In 2020, he is going back to the workshop.